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Guyana Independence
Celebrating Guyana's Independence in Canada
The celebration of Guyana's Independence in Canada is a month-long affair spanning five provinces and involving tens of thousands of Guyanese and Canadians in a truly remarkable way. Guyanese-Canadians come together in a joyous celebration of their heritage while contributing to the richness of Canadian multiculturalism.

The annual Festivities commence in the third week of May with the Guyana Awards Gala followed by the Guyana Heritage Celebrations, and culminate in the Guyana Independence Festival in the penultimate weekend of June.

Guyana Awards
The Guyana Awards, initiated in 2000 by Consul General Danny Doobay, recognizes the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations in the Guyanese Canadian community towards the achievement of excellence, promotion and development of Guyana, and the prolongation of Guyanese Heritage and Culture in Canada.

The Guyana Awards Council seeks to encourage Guyanese-Canadians to emulate best practices in the areas of leadership, innovation, dedication to community, and commitment to Guyanese heritage.

The Award recipients are selected by an independent panel of Judges from scores nominations submitted by the Guyanese-Canadian Community.

Among the guiding criteria for selection are a strong moral character, leadership, and community-building efforts.

In 2008, the Guyana Awards Council introduced a Guyana Scholarship Program which recognizes and encourages academic excellence by students of Guyanese heritage. Seven distinguished Guyanese received scholarships in that inaugural year.

Guyana Heritage celebrations

The Guyana Heritage Celebrations, formerly the Cross Canada Celebrations, was introduced by the Guyana Consulate as a way

of involving organizations and smaller Guyanese-Canadian communities to participate in the annual independence celebrations regardless of their location within Canada.

Each year, dozens of activities are organized across Canada to commemorate this important occasion.

These activities are promoted and coordinated through the Office of the Consulate General of Guyana. Please call 416-494-6040 ĘC ext 27 to find out how you can get involved, or email

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Guyana Festival
"It is the closest you will get to Guyana without leaving the shores of Canada"
The Guyana Independence Festival, the culmination of the celebrations of Guyana's Independence in Toronto, is organized by a broad-based Committee under the aegis of the Office of the Consulate General of Guyana. The Guyana Independence Committee, a non-political body of some forty organizations, hosts the annual Festival with the help of an additional 200 volunteers.

The theme "A Taste of Guyana" aptly sums up the activities of the Festival, giving patrons an opportunity to explore Guyanese culture, history and cuisine.

Since Guyana Festival was initiated in 1995, it has succeeded in forging a common bond among Guyanese from all walks-of-life and from all regions of Guyana. More recently, the Festival has attracted participants from all over North America, Britain, the Caribbean and Guyana. Over the years, the Festival has been honoured by the presence of His Excellency

Bharrat Jagdeo, President of Guyana, The Honourable Samuel Hinds, Prime Minister of Guyana, and several Ministers of the Guyana Government, demonstrating the high esteem in which the Government and people of Guyana hold the stalwart Guyanese Community in Canada.

With an annual attendance in the tens of thousands, the Festival has earned the distinction of being the largest annual gathering of Guyanese outside of Guyana.

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